05 novembro 2008

Review Report: 007 Quantum of Solace (IGN.com)

Sinceramente eu esperava um bom game de Quantum of Solace. Se as versões de 360 e PS3 já decepcionaram pra caramba, imagina esse port porco. Mais uma vez leia para não ter que comprar uma porcaria dessas:

I've played and reviewed lots of "bad" games on Wii, but unlike those before it Quantum of Solace feels like a title that has a real soul to it, and somewhere in the mess of unprecedented frame issues, visual bugs, and sloppy port code is a game that really could have been a blast to play. Instead, it's one you want to avoid at all costs, as Bond's first Wii effort doesn't deliver over some of Activision's previous (and upcoming) efforts on Wii.
Mark Bozon - IGN.com

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